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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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the play-house the other night, booted and spurred: says he, 'I am come to see Orpheus'—'And—You rid I see,' replied another gentleman.
46.    To HOEACE MANN.
London, October 22, 1741. O.S.
YOUR brother1 has been with me this morning, and we have talked over your whole affair. He thinks it will be impossible to find any servant of the capacities you require, that will live with you under twenty, if not thirty pounds a year, especially as he is not to have your clothes. Then the expense of the journey to Florence, and of back again, in case you should not like him, will be considerable. He is for your taking one from Leghorn; but I, who know a little more of Leghorn than he does, should be apprehensive of any person from thence being in the interest of G-oldsworthy2, or too attached to the merchants: in short, I mean, he would be liable to prove a spy upon you. We have agreed that I shall endeavour to find out a proper man, if such a one will go to you for twenty pounds a year, and then you shall hear from me. I am very sensible that Palombos is not fit for you, and shall be extremely diligent in equipping you with such a one as you want. You know how much I wish to be of any service to you, even in trifles.
I have been much diverted privately, for it is a secret that not an hundred persons know yet, and is not to be spoken of. Do but think on a duel between Winnington4
LETTER 46.—* Galfridus Mann (d. nBS), sometime M.P. for Maidstone; third son of Robert Mann, Deputy Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital, and younger brother of Horace (afterwards Sir Horace) Mann. He was in business with, his elder brother Edward as an army clothier.
2 Consul at Leghorn, who was endeavouring to supplant Mr. Mann. Walpole.
8 An Italian, secretary to Mr. Mann. Walpole.
* Th. Winnington, Cofferer, and afterwards Paymaster of the Forces. Walpole.—Of Stanford Court, Wor-